As a small business owner, you are involved in so many different aspects to keep it running smoothly.

But there is only so much a small business can invest in and only so much that you can get done.

This is where TUBU fits in.

What does TUBU mean?!

The name originates from a tribe of women in Africa. A documentary showed their ability to find a well in the middle of the Saharan desert, using only the stars for navigation. Like this tribe of women, we help you navigate small business marketing, find your well of opportunity.

The key is, you don't need to employ someone full time.

Book us for just a couple of hours to help as a one-off, or for a few hours a week, or for two days a week... whatever your business needs. Have us assess your business to build enquiries, write a content management plan and implement this across your website and social media, help with brainstorming sessions, make cold calls, improve SEO, write engaging newsletters, organise and style a photo shoot, run an exhibition, generate PR…

We also have excellent connections when it comes to outsourcing design work, printing, photography and mobile marketing. So you don't need to run around looking for the best.

Think of TUBU as your right-hand woman, your top employee, but without the overheads...

Areas of expertise

We have particular experience in the following small businesses:

  • Interiors / homewares / design
  • Building / landscaping / renovations / trades
  • Hotels / Airbnb
  • Kids products / kids decor

Time to get delegate. Get in touch and get ahead...

"You know (in small business) when you say to yourself, 'I wish I had another me'? You're stretched and starting to slip in areas because you just cannot cover it all. But how do you hand it over? To who? It's your baby. No-one is as dedicated as you. Only you possess the passion and gusto for your brand. Can you trust another? Will they do it as well as you? Catherine is my other me. I should have assigned her earlier. No matter what aspect of our business - web design, SEO, lead follow-up, client liaison, PR, ideas bouncing etc - Catherine does it all. With passion and gusto. And better than me!" Nicole Royal, Concreate

Meet the team...

Photography: Will Horner for Mother & Baby

Photography: Will Horner for Mother & Baby