Everything I offer small businesses essentially stems from my background in sales.

I care about the bottom line. It's not about fluffy stuff, it's about return on investment.

Yep, I'm a saleswoman. And let's face it, the term 'sales person' can still have really negative connotations, but I'm proud to be one! It's a challenging career and it has absolutely taught me the fundamentals to excel at helping small businesses succeed.

I've been cold calling since the OLDEN DAYS when you could light a cigarette at your desk. We recorded client notes on pieces of card, and the booking form came through on the fax machine. I didn't even have a computer. And I'm not even THAT old!

My background is in business-to-business sales although I have recently spent a year doing consumer sales as well.

All the marketing and promo I do is geared toward real results which is why I'm big on tracking and analysing Google Analytics and if you really want me to, I don't mind punching out some cold calls as I genuinely love it.  Not many people can say that, which is why you need me on your team!