Styling & Cold Calling For Kids Organic Bedding Brand.

One day, towards the end of last year, I was about to move back into full time employment when my phone rang.

A lovely lady had come across my business on Instagram, visited my website, and wondered if I could help her with some styling and cold calling.

I was already working almost-full-time (but part-time – you know the gig) and juggling clients but…

Well… (mind ticking, bells ringing) I suppose I could take a look at that, somehow. I had a small gap in my schedule between about 3-5am.

I remember pacing round the kitchen with my hands over my mouth. It was a sign, wasn’t it! A sign that after five years of TUBU, it wasn’t going to stop without a fight.

A few weeks later, the full-time job was dust, and I was meeting with the lovely lady, Karen Edwards, owner and designer of Moonlit Sleep, organic bed linen for children.

Everything about that meeting cemented why I had launched TUBU. To work with inspiring people. People with get-up-and-go. Mumpreneurs. Creative and gutsy people. And actually just down-right lovely people who put a smile on your face and make your voice go a bit high-pitched because of all the ideas and energy that start BRIMMING to the top!

Styling & photography by TUBU

What this business needed

Karen wanted to build the wholesale side of her business and isn’t a fan of cold calling.  Many people feel the same.

But I absolutely, genuinely, love them.

And in this day when you can contact people in so many different ways, I really think it makes a difference to connect with someone on the phone, if you can, before you head to email, or InMail, or social media.

And actually, when I did phone people for Karen, one of them said to me, “thank you, for taking the time to make a phone call instead of email.”

But before I started cold calling…  Karen and I had a good chat about her business needs, and I’d had a look at her website and social media platforms. Due to some blog posts I had written that year, I happened to already be very familiar with kids bedding and other brands in that field.

Now Karen is an expert in her field, very organised, extremely thorough, and was running social media very well.

But what Moonlit Sleep really needed, before any wholesale calls (and which Karen was aware) was a bit of a different take on product styling and photography. And happily she entrusted me to do the job.

Here are some screenshots of the website pre makeover...

Imagery and storytelling through imagery is paramount to people engaging with your brand and ultimately purchasing your product. We just needed to take the focus away from kids in the images and put it more onto the bedding / bedroom setting.

So Karen booked me to do the styling and photography and here are some of the shots!

You can view all the images over at Moonlit Sleep

From here Karen could recreate her look book, update her site, pepper her social media galleries with a few different looks, and book me for cold calls.

“Catherine, you've seriously done such an amazing job with this and in record time too!! I'm so pleased with it I could literally cry with joy!! You've shown my range off in such a contemporary and fashionable way. The styling of it is just beautiful, thank you!”

Here's the lowdown on this project

Brief: To restyle Moonlit Sleep's range of organic bed linen to improve the look of the website and add diversity to social media posts, to engage media and potential buyers.


  • 3 x cot sheet sets
  • 3 x single bed linen & quilt sets
  • 2 x coloured single bed sheet sets
  • Packaging shots

TUBU Styling Package:

  • Prop sourcing, styling, photography and post production
  • Promotion across social media channels (Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook) 
  • Blog posts on TUBU and TUBU Kids
  • COST: 2 days for the whole package

TUBU Sales Package:

  • To phone a list of potential stockists (details provided by client)
  • COST: 1 day

It was an absolute pleasure working with Moonlit Sleep and Karen's blossoming business, and if you feel yours could do with my help, or you know someone who might be interested, please do get in touch!

Moonlit Sleep's revamped site, styling & photography by TUBU

Moonlit Sleep's revamped site, styling & photography by TUBU